Top 5 Excuses that are Delaying your Dream Holiday

Every individual has this innate belief that one day they’ll finally pursue their dream to travel around the world to visit those picture perfect destinations they’ve always dreamt of. Unfortunately, for many people this dream never sees the light of day because it loses the war against time, commitments, responsibilities, and everyday constraints.

  1. I don’t have that kind of money

trouser-pockets-1439412_1280 - VmagThe foremost reason to skip a trip is a limited budget. Yes, I agree poor finances can make it very difficult to think about leisure and adventure, but to be honest you may be exaggerating your own condition.

Today there are many ways budget travelers and backpackers can be accommodated in accordance with their individual budgets. You can save up in transportation, accommodation and food. The real purpose of traveling is the enthralling experience it brings and that’s really all that matters!

  1. I don’t have that kind of time

The most valuable entity in the world is time and it’s great that you value it and want to utilize in the most productive manner, but you have to realize that relaxing and letting loose is very important to ensure that the time you are investing in work is actually well spent.

Dedicate as much time as you can on a trip. Be it a month long holiday, a 15-day tour or even a weekend getaway. The idea is to just let loose and relax. These small breaks from the daily grind really help reignite the energy for the rest of the year.

  1. I can’t think of anyone I want to go with

Delaying your Dream HolidayOrganizing one’s own schedule is hectic enough and if you have ambitious friends then I bet you’ll find it twice as difficult. It’s great if you can prioritize and make your friends agree on a single schedule but if you can’t, then always reserve the option of traveling solo.

With enhanced security measures and a comprehensive travel itinerary planned beforehand, you are guaranteed to be safe and have an enjoyable trip. Traveling alone is also believed to reveal dimensions of one’s own personality and is actually therapeutic.

  1. It doesn’t seem safe

There is no need to be hesitant in traveling alone. If you plan your trip beforehand and become well aware of what awaits, you will be more comfortable with your surroundings and will know how to combat any emergencies should they arrive. There are numerous blogs on travel safety tips everyone can follow.

  1. I don’t speak the language

Delaying your Dream HolidayThe language barrier is easier to overcome than before. With translation apps and travel guides, you can easily learn a new language or learn a few hacks to get by without a problem.

The experiences met during traveling are certainly unmatched to any other leisure activity. It helps you relax and grow as a person, and no individual should deprive themselves of such a life-altering opportunity.

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