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Karachi, known as the city of lights and dreams inhabits residents from all across the country who bear root from different cultures. They all contribute in making the ethnic diversity of Karachi extremely rich and add to the infectiously vibrant vibe the city resonates.

If you’re a tourist planning a visit or a boring resident living under a rock, then continue reading this valuable list of amazing places in this epic city.

  1. Do Darya
karachi travel
Do Darya – Karachi Travel

Karachites take great pride in the beautiful beaches this city is blessed with. So much, that they’ve made an effort to untap the sea’s true potential through a special establishment known as Do Darya. Here you’ll see soaring tides and fining dining elegantly come together.

Renowned restaurants are located right on the shore, and if you reserve a table on the terrace you can enjoy an even more incredible view. The gentle breeze under the moonlight accompanied with tasty food makes for a pleasurably unique experience.

  1. French Beach

    French Beach – Karachi Travel

French Beach is perhaps the best beach in all of Karachi. Here you’ll find crystal blue water, well-constructed huts
and absolutely no pollution! Mostly visited by the elite, this is one of the rare places in Karachi that is not overcrowded.

  1. A theatre play at  the Arts Council
A theatre play at the Arts Council – Karachi Travel

The core framework of the emerging entertainment industry of Pakistan is in Karachi. For this reason you’ll see that the entertainment scene is more active here than anywhere else. So be sure to catch a live theatre performance at the Arts Council.

Experienced actors and aspiring youngsters all come together to deliver a riveting performance. Trust me, watching a live theatre play beats a special effects HD movie any day!

  1. Ice Skating at Arena

    Ice Skating at Arena – Karachi Travel

In this side of the world winter sports are not something we have too much experience of. In attempt of introducing them, Arena has built an ice rink exclusively for ice skating. Other sports and activities like bowling, wall climbing, snooker, foosball are also offered that make the whole facility a great place to chillout with friends.

Editors Note: If this will be your first time in the rink, be prepared for a sore bum and aching feet. Don’t worry, once you get the hang of it you’ll feel like you’re flying on ice.

  1. Snorkelling and Scuba Diving at Churna Island
Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Churna Island – Karachi Travel

Tired of your same old boring routine? Try something different and go scuba diving and snorkelling with your friends at Churna Island. Well developed facilities and extremely helpful staff will assist you in the adventure. And no worries, you can enjoy the thrilling underwater experience even if you aren’t a pro swimmer.

Karachi has so much to offer that it’s impossible to confine the attractions to a finite list: You’ll find huge shopping malls and equally vibrant bazaars, you can go horseback riding on Hawks Bay or visit the local zoo, you can go boating on the beach or bike racing on seaview – The attractions are virtually limitless!

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