Canada Based Indo-Pak Band naQsh Making Their Mark!

2015 begun with a bang for talented Canada based Indo-Pak band naQsh. Their current single Armaan has been simply loved by audiences everywhere. The single’s music video stars talented dancer Priya Pranjivan of Shiamak and was directed by Aziz Dhamani. For naQsh, as young performers, music is a strong passion. In the past they have been creating magic with songs such as Saajna, a soft rock number released in 2013.

Watch the video for Armaan by naQsh right here:

You can listen to Saajna and download the MP3 file here:

The band was formed in 2007 and comprises bass guitarist Irfan, lead guitarist Imran and singer-songwriter/composer Daksh Kubba. Together, each member brings a different flavor to naQsh, owing to their diverse backgrounds and influences. The band’s sound is best described as experimental fusion rock which incorporates the sensibilities of North Indian and Pakistani melodies with Western harmonies. With their meaningful lyrics, the group wants to create music which is not just pleasant to the ears, but also carries strong socially relevant messages.

The band has already performed with Pakistani music powerhouses such as QB, Saeen Zahoor, Adnan Sami and can often be spotted giving interviews to top media outlets in Canada. Currently, naQsh is busy adding the final touches to their debut album which they aim to release soon.

Speaking about their inspirations and upcoming plans, lead vocalist Daksh Kubba states “Inspiration comes from people. People inspire you: fans, friends, family, relationships. How they feel, and more importantly how they make YOU feel. You could feel amazing or you could feel worthless, but the ones that inspire you the most are the ones who believe in you. They believe in you even when you lose faith in yourself and it’s for THEM that we have our Debut Album Saptak coming out in May. Thank YOU, truly, for believing in me.


naQsh has been busy gearing up for the launch of their debut album, which is due to release towards the end of May 2015. The band recently shot the first schedule of Pagli, one of the singles off their upcoming album.

The final music video shoot with the rest of the band members will be completed in the next couple of days. In the first behind-the-scenes exclusive batch of pictures of the video shoot, which have been released by lead vocalist Daksh Kubba, the team can be spotted prepping, bonding and having a fun time at the shoot location in Vancouver, Canada.

The Pagli music video will feature Safeeya Pirani. Born and raised in Vancouver, Safeeya is an instructor with Shiamak Davar International and has been professionally dancing for over 10 years. She has taken part in many local and international shows, and has also spent time training and performing in India.

Behind the scenes photos from the new video shoot

About naQsh

naQshnaQsh has been creating socially relevant and soul-stirring music since 2007.Their eclectic sound comes from the band’s diverse background and experiences. The Vancouver-based band members originate from Pakistan and India. Their inspirations range from artists such as Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, to Pink Floyd, Led Zeplin, and U2. naQsh epitomizes the depth of their roots, communicated in moody rock and West Coast Canadian style. “Through our music we hope to touch hearts, inspire and create spaces for people to come together and be united in humility and love.” – Daksh

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