The gorgeous Swat Valley through Janaan’s lens

Janaan (2016 Pakistani Movie) promises viewers a light hearted tale about a Canadian return gal to her Pakhtun family. Covering a very clichéd love triangle, the story undeniably lies in the rom-com genre but attempts to share important social messages along the way.

Through Janaan we see a more vibrant portrayal of the much misunderstood Pakhtun culture of Pakistan, while viewing stunning scenes shot in our very own Swat Valley!

Let’s have a look at some of the still frames of the movie and get visual confirmation about the much talked about ‘natural beauty’ of Pakistan.janaan

This picturesque view of a mountain top in Swat surrounding luscious green scenery, and a flowing river has been used in the opening shots of the movie’s trailer.janaan

Yes I know this is a graveyard and there’s nothing beautiful about that! But have a look at the backdrop and tell me I’m wrong for admiring this frame!janaan

This aerial shot of Swat Valley gives us major wanderlust! Take a deep breath and just imaging overlooking this location. The peace, warmth and serenity is awe-inspiring!janaan

If you finally manage to take your eyes off the gorgeous couple, look at the amazing scenery in the background. Green pastures spread over the ranging landscape make the whole view breathtakingly beautiful!janaan

Is it just me or does our Pashtun beauty Armeena Rana Khan look like little red riding hood in this forest field?

Even our Janaan heroes couldn’t shy away from capturing the scenic locations in Swat!

The handsome young lad Bilal Ashraf chose to capture a well-planned insta picture of green patched mountains kissing the shaded blue sky, all while sporting a traditional white Kurta (And might I just add, that pose totally works with the frame!)janaan

While the uber quirky Ali Rehman chose to catch a view from below; kneeling down to splash fresh river water, glistening in the winter sun.

Ali also captioned a heartfelt patriotic message; about how amazing it was to shoot in Swat and how truly beautiful the people of Pakistan are!janaan

Janaan has released internationally this Eid-ul-Azha and is reportedly doing great at the box office! Through this movie the whole world will finally been able to see of a more positive and real side of Pakistan, which going by the producer Hareem Farooq, was the goal.

With amazing visuals from local areas and a more entertaining display of the conservative Pashtun culture, Janaan will be challenging many stereotypes both on a local and international front.

Just the fact that the Janaan team has utilized the powerful medium of cinema to portray a lighter side of Pakistan deserves a round of applause – Kudos to you guys!

As for the viewers, if you’re looking for a light hearted family movie to watch this Eid, then Janaan should be your top choice. With clean humour, fresh faces, great cinematography and locations, Janaan is a visual delight!

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