Lahore Polo Club announces Emporium Mall as sponsor for Punjab Polo Cup 2017

Pakistan’s Largest Shopping Arena, The Emporium Mall has been revealed as the official sponsor of Punjab Polo Cup 2017. The partnership was announced at the inauguration press conference hosted by Polo Club in the presence of the club’s president, Mr.Irfan Ali Hyder.

As one of the World’s oldest polo clubs, Lahore Polo Club relishes the prestigious history of playing the game of Kings. At the event, it was also announced that the Punjab Polo trophy happens to be the oldest polo trophy being played for in Pakistan having been introduced in 1886.

On this occasion, Mr. Irfan Ali Hyder, President Lahore Polo Club said, “With the origins of Polo from Central Asia thousands of year age, our region is known for the colorful and powerful history of this sport which has always been the mark of royalty and prestige. From the time when only the best horsemen in the Central Asian royal armies came from practicing this sport, to present days when the World’s best polo player come to Pakistan for the honour of playing on these historical grounds Lahore Polo Club has brought this Royal Game a long way.”

The event was attended by Kim Culley, Center Manager at Emporium Mall who on behalf of Emporium Mall spoke about the partnership especially since this is the mall’s first major association with Polo Club and discussed the potential prospects of this relationship becoming a long term one.

The matches for the Punjab Polo Cup will be commencing on Tuesday, 28th February and the final for the tournament will be held on 4th March at Lahore Polo Club. The tournament includes multiple foreign players along with foreign umpires. The press conference was attended by the executive board of the Polo Club along with representatives from Emporium Mall.

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