A Maiden Voyage

Launched in 2008, www.maiden-voyage.com is a social network for female business travellers. The brainchild of Leeds/UK based entrepreneur Carolyn Pearson, who came up with the idea during a business trip to LA.

maiden voyage
Carolyn Pearson

The site provides a secure social network through which female business travellers can meet other women whilst away on business, securely for dinner, as an alternative to dining solo or having room service and has members in over 60 countries.

In response to requests from members for recommendations for female friendly hotels, maiden-voyage.com created a brand standard against which hotels are inspected. Those that meet the highest scores for safety and comfort are selected to feature on the site. maiden-voyage.com members are encouraged to inspect hotels through a dedicated app as they travel to help build up a database of the best hotels around the world.

Through this feedback, maiden-voyage.com was able to identify a gap in the market to teach hotels how to really tap into the female business traveller psyche to improve occupancy levels and loyalty. The company developed an exciting programme based on 360 degree feedback from staff, guests and social media. After analysing data from online surveys and mystery guests, staff at each participating hotel are taken on an intensive training programme to look at the female business traveller appeal across the entire guest experience. Hotels that have undergone the training have seen an increase in revenues, customer satisfaction and in some cases an increase in their AA star-rating.

maiden-voyage.com has a team of international ambassadors who have each written city guides specifically for women travellers. Members may contact ambassadors for specific advice or even meet for coffee or a glass of wine and a quick orientation to the city.

maiden-voyage.com members are eligible for exclusive VIP treatment at recommended hotels, often including upgrades, a welcome drink or a discounted spa treatment.

Other benefits and services include online travel safety tips and advice, travel blogs and partnership offers and events with brands such as DKNY and Reiss.

Ladies if you’re reading this and are in Pakistan, don’t fret because we’ve been informed that the team behind maiden-voyage.com is very interested in adding support for Pakistan and are working out the ‘kinks’. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits too!

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