Why you should advertise in Vmag

  1. Customers don’t have to pay to see your ad. Vmag is free.
  2. Vmag is printed on high quality glossy paper ensuring fine colour reproduction which enhances and makes your ad appear more vibrant.
  3. Vmag caters to all readers and attracts a diverse readership by providing something for everyone.
  4. Studies show that 4 out of 5 adults read magazines.
  5. Magazine readers are more likely to flip through every page of an issue, as opposed to newspaper readers who might toss aside entire sections.
  6. Ads in Vmag have a longer shelf life than those in other periodicals or daylies.
  7. Newspaper ads reach the end of their life by the next day.
  8. Ads in a newspaper can be missed by potential customers such as the Monday-through-Friday newspaper readers missing ads in the Saturday or Sunday paper.
  9. Readers are more likely to hold on to Vmag due to its wealth of information and entertainment value as opposed to mere flyers or ad-only circulations.
  10. A high retention rate ensures readers will notice your ad again and again as they frequently refer to the magazine as a guide and information resource.
  11. Ads are placed in with relevant content to ensure they catch the reader’s (your potential customer) eyes.
  12. Vmag is available both in print and online.
  13. Vmag allows for easy handling due to its perfect size and format futher increasing its pass along rate.
  14. The high reach perspective ensures more people see your ad.
  15. Magazine ads attract the most attention (BIGresearch Simultaneous Media Usage Study, 2008)
  16. Magazine ads are more trusted by consumers over other media and provide credibility (Simmons Multi-Media Engagement Study, 2008)
  17. Consumers value magazine advertising and show a positive attitude towards the same (Dynamic Logic and MediaVest)
  18. Consumers find magazine ads more relevant.
  19. Studies show that magazines are the strongest driver of purchase intent.
  20. Vmag provides a variety of ad sizes.
  21. Vmag offers affordable advertising rates.
  22. Vmag provides quality content.
  23. Vmag is ISSN registered.
  24. Your ad can be seen at popular and trendy places of business.

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