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  • September 29, 2014 at 11:10 am

    This is with reference to the event ‘Pakistan Dubai Fashion week 2014, Kayseria Pret’.
    ‘Bareeze’ is perhaps originally the oldest chicken wear for the elitist women of its time. Renowned for its quality and exquisite designs, the store launched several branches throughout many cities of Pakistan.
    Its business has expanded considerably over the years. From loose cloth to pret wear by the name of ‘Chineyere’ as well as kids wear titled ‘Leisure Club’, it has now launched a new store by the name of ‘Kayseria’.
    ‘Kayseria’ offers loose cloth as well as clothes for the “working women.”
    As a journalist, I have attended several fashion events including the ‘Loreal Bridal Couture week’, showcasing designers from India as well as Pakistan. Often the terms ‘pret’ and ‘couture’ are confused. Couture is a custom made, heavily embellished outfit for brides. ‘Pret’ includes ready to wear- casual, semi formals and formals.
    However, it is interesting to observe where fashion originates from in Pakistan?
    Fashion evolves so often that it is impossible to keep up with the pace of change. The masses are caught in a rat race. The famous Urdu quote “jitni chaadar hai utney paoon phalao” has long been forgotten. The social setup has created tension within the social circles. The poor imitate the rich. The rich are getting richer whilst the poor poorer. Why? I leave that for you to speculate upon?
    Now coming back to where we had left from? Where does fashion first travel from into Pakistan. Of- course Dubai. Through the Arabian coast, it is brought first to Karachi. From there it spreads to major cities such as Lahore and Islamabad.
    However, because of the massive media network and the availability of electricity, even the women of rural areas have become well aware of the latest fashion trends.
    The Pakistan Dubai Fashion Week 2014, showcased ‘Shadiyaneh’ by ‘Kayseria’ pret.
    Red and Green are the colours of today. It introduced ethnic wear such as chooridaars, peshwas, gota, lappa, ghararas and sarees.
    The native dresses included the above mentioned whilst sarees are an outcome of the cultural impact from the Sub-continent.
    Half sleeves with cuffs and a deep rounded neck at the back, these women in pure kamdaani sarees carried themselves beautifully.
    Embellished with long pearl strings and colourful traditional purses, the event seemed to be a big hit.
    Fashion is what suits one and not just following the herd mentality. Shalwars, chooridaars, straight pants, palazzos, everything is in style. Each one of us is beautiful in their own way. The key to happiness is to do what you want to do. Be yourself and listen to your soul. Not only will you find yourself at peace but you will also spread the charm and beauty around yourself because “Attitudes are infectious.”


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