The Spellz Release ‘Sayonee – Turn The Page’ in Collaboration with Daniel Weber!

Fans have been gearing up for the release of the new fusion single by Canadian-Pakistani duo The Spellz ever since it was announced that the song would feature a collaboration with Daniel Weber of international band The Disparrows. The highly anticipated single named ‘Sayonee – Turn The Page’ is officially out.

Check out the video right here:

In the words of Nas, front man for The Spellz, the song is a tribute to the “best of East and West”. Junoon’s Sayonee and Metallica’s Turn The Page have been blended together to create a great new sound. The duo has added unique musical elements to ensure the song has a fresh feel to it and stands out, at the same time keeping intact the melodic essence of both Bob Seger and Junoon’s originals. Nas and Daniel’s strong vocals add a great personal touch to the song. Hassan Bokhari’s sense of production and arrangement is phenomenal. The whole idea was to stitch the two songs in a way that they look like part of the same cloth.the spellz sayonee turn the page

The heartfelt video of ‘Sayonee – Turn The Page’ shows different shades of a relationship between Nas and young artist and starlet Ly Moffat who makes a special appearance and is also doing the backing vocals, while Daniel Weber is seen singing and driving in a very cool convertible with Nas. The video has been shot at exotic locations in L.A. and Toronto. The direction of the video has been done by Rehan Noorani at Ron Films. Rehan has been instrumental to the success of The Spellz and has been very closely involved in every single of their songs. Rehan also directed Bara Ishq, Life is Fine, Master Of My Fate and now Sayonee/ Turn The Page. Before moving to Canada, Rehan was Producer to Pakistan’s leading Director Jami at Azad Films and was involved in many commercials, music videos and film projects. He has learnt the art and science from the best in the country and definitely shows his quality through his own projects as a Director now.

the spellz sayonee turn the pageDaniel’s wife international star Sunny Leone, who is also very excited about the track, shared the video on her official Facebook page with the status ‘Check out this great video from Daniel Weber The Disparrows and The Spellz Performing SAYONEE and TURN THE PAGE…LOVE IT !!!!!!!

Speaking about ‘Sayonee – Turn The Page’ and the inspiration behind it, Nas said “This entire journey has been extremely educational and inspiring. The process began with self-belief that we can pull it off and Daniel Weber showing the trust in us. Recording 7 artists over three countries and shooting video in two separate cities was not easy at all. It was a phenomenal team work and the quality shows in the final product. If it wasn’t for Hassan Bokhari to tackle all the audio and Rehan to deal with all the video issues on a daily basis over a span of 3 months, I do not think it would have been possible. Without Dan didn’t holding our hands and guiding us through, it wouldn’t have been possible either. I am very happy to have made a new friend and a peer in Daniel. Although we have only spent a short amount of time, I know that I can count on him.

the spellz sayonee turn the pageAt the end, I walk with satisfaction and peace that we did our level best shot to re-live the same melodies that we were huge fans of in our youths. Can’t thank Bob Seger for Turn the Page and Junoon for Sayonee enough. Personally, both the original songs had a bit of my soul and memories in them and now I just made some more new memories with these classics.

The song will soon be airing on leading channels across Pakistan, India, USA and various other countries.

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