RiotArts Receives Outstanding Response From Audiences and Musicians Alike

[Pakistan, 3rd June 2014]: Farhad Humayun’s ambitious project RiotArts, has been receiving tremendous response from musicians and audiences alike. The website, which Farhad planned earlier this year as a platform to provide musicians with international exposure, as well as an alternative to on-again off-again YouTube, went live last month.riotarts

The YouTube ban has made musicians suffer, as it has lessened their international exposure resulting in less shows and tours abroad. While others have been waiting for Youtube to re-emerge, Farhad decided not to wait around, and instead found and initiated a solution by launching a website dedicated solely to Pakistani musicians. Through RiotArts, musicians can upload their videos on the website and promote them across a wide number of audiences locally and internationally. The thought behind starting RiotArts was to have the entire Pakistani music industry on one website, so that fans of these musicians across the board, are kept updated with what is going on in the Pakistani music industry.

Congratulating Farhad on this venture, messages from various musicians came flooding in:

The ever growing list of artists featured on Riot Arts currently includes Overload, Siege, Strings, Faakhir as well as a few upcoming musicians.

Check it out: www.riotarts.comRiotArts

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