Nescafé Basement Season 4 Finalizes Talent

We recently reported that Nescafe Basement was in the process of finalizing the talent for it fourth season, well now the moment of truth is here:

Nescafe Basement’s talent for the fourth season has been finalized! Mentor Xulfi, who toured across Pakistan recently to handpick the finest underground talent of the country, has finished selecting the participants for the upcoming season. The famous Nescafe Basement jam room will soon be buzzing as these select individuals come together to jam and prepare the songs they choose to perform in Season 4.

Here are the names of the lucky individuals who got selected:
Kristin Kaneria (Vocals) – Karachi
Mukarram Ali Khan (Beat Boxing) – Karachi
Hunain ul Haq (Beat Boxing) – Karachi
Zaryab Sultan (Vocals) – Karachi
Zahra Paracha (Guitars) – Karachi
Omair Farooq (Bass) – Karachi
Yasrah Haseeb (Vocals/Keyboards) – Lahore
Asif Amin Tabla Lahore
Hasan Farid Zafar (Guitars) – Islamabad
Anushae Babar Gill (Backing Vocals) – Lahore
Anna Salman (Backing Vocals) – Lahore
Mehak Ali (Vocals) – Lahore
Moeen Khan (Flute) – Lahore
Waqas Ali (Flute) – Lahore
Yusuf Ramay (Drums) – Lahore
Maham (Keyboards) – Lahore
Mustafa Kashif (Vocals) – Islamabad
Richard Robinson (Vocals) – Islamabad
Syed Abdul Haseeb (Rap) – Islamabad
Shershah Ahmed (Drums) – Islamabad
Mishal Faheem (Drums) – Lahore
Abdullah Waseem (Percussions) – Lahore
Kashif Ali (Dhol) – Lahore
Faraz Nayyar (Vocals) – Lahore
Abdullah Qureshi (Vocals) – Islamabad
Shershah Ahmed (Drums) – Islamabad
Yusuf Ramay (Drums) – Lahore

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