Mizmaar Performed Unplugged For City Sessions

After receiving rave reviews and praises from music fans for their comeback single Jee Loonga, South Asian rock sensation Mimaar took their fans on a new musical high with the band’s performance on the popular CityFM89 City Sessions, the videos of which have been released online.

mizmaar's city sessionsFollowing the standard theme of City Sessions, the band performed an exclusive and intimate set in the CityFM89 studios. The first video featured the band performing their comeback single Jee Loonga. While the original had already proved to be a chartbuster, this version was performed with raw passion accompanied by starkly contrasting, toned down instruments. The second video featured Mizmaar’s original song Pal, was one of their biggest hits from the album Sitara. Mashhad Shahryar showcased his vocal prowess with the frothy fresh version of the original.  His vocals exuded that great energy which is required in such acoustic rock numbers. The band also performed Thinking Out Loud (cover of original by Ed Sheeran), released on CityFM89’s official Facebook page.

Sharing his experience of performing at the CityFM89 studios, front man Kashan Admani said: “Recording City Sessions at the CityFM89 studios was a superb experience. We love live performances and with City Sessions we got a chance to showcase Mizmaar’s acoustic sound. We would love to revisit City Sessions in the future.”

The video of Mizmaar’s City Sessions performance of Jee Loonga can be viewed at this link or below:

The video of Mizmaar’s City Sessions performance of Pal can be viewed here or below:

The video of Mizmaar’s exclusive BTS while recording the City Sessions can be viewed right here:

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