Let the good times roll with Danish Ali & Ali Gul Pir – Prudence Comedy Tour

Prudence, a high end premium brand by DKT Pakistan hosted the first show of the Prudence Comedy Tour in Karachi recently. The hilarious comedy of Danish Ali and Ali Gul Pir was centered on a taboo topic of condoms, their importance and the most important part of using them; how to purchase them.

The idea behind hosting a comedy tour was to use humor to lighten the burden of this taboo subject. Pakistan’s finest comedians entertained the crowd with their witty commentary on how embarrassing an important issue of family planning can be. They not only managed to make the audience laugh till their sides hurt but they did so by putting a fun spin to awkward conversations everyone living in Pakistan has experienced at least once in their lives.

Prudence means caution or in a term better understood; common sense. One might have never imagined that there will come a time when a form of protection will be introduced in the market under the name Prudence.

It goes without saying that the crowd walked away from the show amused yet more knowledgeable. The show accomplished more than just awareness about Prudence, in fact the back and forth banter of the two comedians taught the audience little things that can help one lead a happier, healthier life. They might have even picked up a few jokes they can share with the shopkeeper next time they’re out in the market to make the process less embarrassing.

DKT pushes boundaries without breaking them. DKT’s team through their social programs speaks to the people about the benefits and positive implications that using contraceptives will have on their lives. They do not believe in preaching or instructing people to use the products rather they focus on talking to them about the one thing everyone from every background aspires to, i.e. a happy and prosperous life. Based on this concept DKT introduced the Prudence Comedy Tour which started in Karachi and will also be showing in Lahore on 13th June’15 and in Islamabad on 14th June’15. So if you’re looking to enjoy a few laughs about an interesting topic join Ali Gul Pir and Danish Ali at the Prudence Comedy Tour this weekend.

About DKT

DKT is one of the largest private providers of family planning and reproductive health products and services in the developing world, having served 28 million couples in 2014.

DKT Pakistan has identified and begun the steps necessary to reach Pakistani couples and more than 6 million women (24% of married women of reproductive age) with unmet needs for contraception, which will enable customers and health providers to have more choices for high quality products with regular access to family planning training and education.

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