Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015 Day 1 [#TFPW15]

The Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015 [#TFPW15] was held from 31st March to 3rd April 2015 at the Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi. The 7th installment of the grand fashion show highlighted renowned Pakistani designers and fashion labels. The Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015 Day 1 (31st March 2015) featured Nida Azwer, Bank AlFalah’s Rising Talents, Lala Textiles, Sania Maskatiya, Fnk Asia, Madiha Raza and Sadaf Malaterre.

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Photo Credits: Tapu Javeri

Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015 Day 1

Nida Azwer

The Nida Azwer Atelier opened at Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015 Day 1 with a luxury pret collection titled ‘French Trellis Collection’.

Drawing inspiration from French architecture, “The French Trellis Collection” celebrates spring with its intricate floral and trellis-based patterns, featured on a variety of luxe fabrics comprising of organza, chiffon, silks, cotton nets, and net. The collection is based in hues of beige, grey and off-whites with hints of pink, and is embellished with hand embroideries, crystals and pearls. In line with the atelier’s current trends for 2015, the collection channels shorter, trendier hemlines across fusion silhouettes comprising of saris, skirts, capes. For “The French Trellis Collection”, the brand played with digital prints, digital embroidery, hand embroideries, laser cut, pleating, 3D textures and embossing.

Speaking about her showcase at the TFPW15 , Nida Azwer  said “We have worked across a diversity of shorter silhouettes and have incorporated layering with different material for a fresh and spirited spring feel.

Bank AlFalah Rising Talent Show at Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015 Day 1

Lala Textiles

Textile brand Lala introduced their S/S 2015 collection at Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015  Day 1 with ‘Electric Summer’.

Representing a mix of prints, embroideries and solids, Electric Summer 2015 celebrates summer with a splash of colour with a play on embroidered fabrics, fine cottons and printed chiffons. LALA’s prints have been interpreted across a range of silhouettes, from the longer more flowing aesthetic to short cropped jackets. The showcase also featured music by Shaur Azher.

Speaking about LALA’s participation at TFPW ‘15, CEO Pervez Lala said: “We have been showcasing our prints across Pakistan, India, the Middle East and Europe throughout 2014 and will continue to do so through 2015. We are dedicated to making our prints aspirational through our ramp shows and creating premium quality apparel with the high fashion aesthetic that goes with such shows, while making our brand more accessible through our massive retail network. This 2015, we celebrate our 65th year since our inception and it is a year in which we are looking even more to innovate, be it with our new platform, the Lala Signature Series where we are now collaborating with designer Sonya Battla, or our continued regional expansion, or our soon to be introduced social responsibility initiative, #LalalightsupLives.

Sania Maskatiya

‘Khayat – The Tailor’ Collection Intro Video:

Pakistani fashion house, Sania Maskatiya, paid homage to the craft of tailoring with both explorative sensitivity and edgy flamboyance with their luxury pret collection, ‘Khayat – The Tailor’ at Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015 Day 1 [#TFPW15]. This collection followed the Sania Maskatiya Style PIA capsule showcase earlier in March, based on which the fashion house was selected to design the official PIA  (Pakistan International Airlines) uniform cap.

Using a plush colour palette from the sedate to the snazzy, ‘Khayat – The Tailor’ uses deluxe silks to utilitarian denims as alternative canvases on which flash images from a kaarigar’s workshop glide eloquently by. Expect print motifs such as tape measure, rolls of thread, buttons, needles, ribbons and rope featured alongside near-neon paint splashes and geometric patterns. Sections of light embroidery scatter themselves about these vibrant graphic designs, lifting both the texture and mood of each piece, lending every ensemble its very own beat. In keeping with the House’s signature range of silhouettes, from crop tops to jackets and capris, to full-length flares, SANIA MASKATIYA shines a spotlight on the most necessary elements of design, launching them to the very forefront of its brand aesthetic through ‘Khayat – The Tailor’.

Speaking about her #TFPW15 showcase, Sania Maskatiya has said “Our collection is steeped in the belief that much has been spoken of the craft, but not enough has been told of the tools. Therefore, with Khayat – The Tailor, we endeavor to speak boldly on the art of process and the thrill of creating.

Fnk Asia

Madiha Raza

Sadaf Malaterre

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