Sapphire traveled to South Africa for their 2016 Eid Lawn Collection

Pakistan’s leading high-street and retail brand Sapphire has always spearheaded high-street campaigns, this time the Sapphire team shot their 2016 Lawn Eid Edition in the Namibian Desert of South Africa. The azure blue sky, deep orange sand and charred trees provided an unrivalled backdrop to Sapphire’s Lawn Eid collection 2016. Below is a behind the scenes look at the campaign and photos hoot.

Sapphire Eid 2016 Behind the Scenes

The Sapphire team for the Namibian journey included the visionary creative director Khadijah Shah, Head of Marketing Natasha Saleem and super model Rabia Butt. The photography and styling was done by the dynamic duo Nadir Firoz Khan and Maha Burney, who captured the majestic landscape to perfection with uber style. For the ultimate impeccability International Hair stylist Harlem Alexander and makeup artist Pia contributed in the Sapphire Lawn Eid Edition campaign in South Africa.

Speaking about the collection and the campaign, Creative Director at Sapphire, Khadijah Shah has said; “I have always encouraged my team and pushed myself to go beyond the boundaries of creativity and innovation, hence we set forth towards the extraordinary to pave way for new experiences and to move away from which is ubiquitous. Our perpetual quest for the undiscovered landed us in Namibia, Africa. It was, all in all an amazing journey undertaken with a formidable team of creative individuals. ”

Sapphire Lawn Eid Edition came in 20 designs each available in two color-ways including two piece, three piece and four piece suits with a price range starting from PKR 1,650 till PKR 5,400. Indeed, Sapphire Lawn Eid collection is a continuation of shorter sleeker silhouettes with fashion forward additions such as wrap around kimonos, front open tied around the waist gilets, button down oversized shirts, batwing sleeves, pants with vertical sheer lines at the hem and the side seams accented with tassels and beads. The collection also includes signature sheer lace embroideries experimented with larger panels of sheer fabric at the hems of the capris, boot cuts and culottes with the purpose to introduce a wide variety of ways in which Sapphire patrons and customer can make their lawn pants look fun and edgy!


Creative Director Sapphire: Khadijah Shah
Sapphire Woman: Rabia Butt @iamrabiabutt
Video Campaign: Adnan Malik @adnanmalik1
Photography and Creative Direction: Nadir Firoz Khan and Maha Burney @nfkphotography
Hair styling: Harlem Alexander @harlexalexander
Makeup: Pia Ruud @piaruud

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