Namal Education Foundation’s annual “Zakat for Scholarship Dinner” held in Lahore

Namal Education Foundation held its annual “Zakat for Scholarship Dinner” in Lahore at the Faletti’s Hotel on June 3rd 2016.

The aim of the Zakat dinner was to gather donations for deserving students enrolled in the class of 2020. Namal routs all donations gathered in the form of Zakat fund to pay for educational expenses of deserving students. More than 261 Million rupees have already been spent on scholarships since 2008 and currently 90% of the student population at Namal is on scholarship. Zakat dinner was held to ensure that greater number of students in the upcoming batch benefit from the merit based scholarships.

Namal Zakat Dinner

Imran Khan – Chairman of The Board, Members of the Board of Governers of Namal College, TV and film actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, Mountaineer sister and brother duo Samina Baig and Mirza Ali Baig, designer Muneeb Nawaz, model and actress Rabia Butt, major donors of Namal and people from all walks of life attended the dinner.

Speaking on the occasion, Imran Khan said; “Namal College was created for the sole purpose of giving underprivileged talent from across Pakistan, the chance to rise up with cutting edge higher education. Higher education transforms not one but many lives. 90% of the students at Namal College are on financial assistance and no student is denied the right to education due to financial inability. This can only be sustained through your enthusiastic support and donation for Namal College.”

Namal Education Foundation Logo
Namal Education Foundation Logo

The Zakat for Scholarship Dinner allowed multiple donors to fully sponsor a student or number of students from the incoming Batch of 2020. The cost of educating one student for four years is 1.2 Million rupees whereas the same degree would cost them more than 10 Million rupees at Bradford, UK. Although the Zakat Dinner was held in Lahore but people from all over the world can send their donations through

Zakat for Scholarship Dinner is part of a series of events for Zakat and donation for Namal. Earlier in April 2016 Friends of Namal Camapign was launched to mobilize friends i.e. donors, through a consistent membership drive for sustainability and growth of the ‘Namal Knowledge City’.


Namal College Logo
Namal College Logo

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