Ali Xeeshan dazzles at Mercedes-Benz Pakistan Fashion Week Doha 2015

The Mercedes Benz Pakistan Fashion Week Doha 2015 held at the Marriott hotel Doha featured Pakistani designers who showcased their latest collections to the audience. Coveted designer Ali Xeeshan hit the right notes once again with his signature bridal collection which was an absolute success on the runway. With ethereal techniques and melodic cuts representing the finesse and feel of royalty, the grandeur on the ramp was as always what the designer brings. The collection featured a stirring palette with serene and electrifying hues, fabrics that poured prowess like an empress, aptly demonstrative of the colours of the season. On showcasing at Mercedes-Benz Pakistan Fashion Week Doha 2015, Ali Xeeshan said: “The experience was overwhelming for me. I have gotten such a huge and positive response from the Doha market that I am definitely going to come here again and see what avenues are available to market my clothes. A lot of people have shown interest to have their bridals done by me and I am happy that the show turned out to be a success!

Ali Xeeshan Showcases at Mercedes-Benz Pakistan Fashion Week Doha 2015

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